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Why Trade Fixtures?

Because, we are Bulk Merchandising!

Trade Fixtures provides award winning, point of purchase displays, shelf management systems, bulk foods merchandising and gravity fed dispense systems to retail markets such as grocery, convenience, mass merchandisers, drug and specialty stores.

Specializing in custom design, engineering, project management, manufacturing and fulfillment, Trade Fixtures has emerged as the industry leader in bulk and retail merchandising solutions, and continues to amaze retailers worldwide. We have clients in more than 67 countries and work with 50 of Fortune’s top 100 companies. Our 20 US and international operations provide complete global reach and enable us to launch and manage program initiatives around the world.

We Build Things With
Love & Passion

Core Competencies and Our History

People often ask what makes us the industry leader. The answer is simple.

Quality Products

Bins by Trade Fixtures, manufactured out of BPA-free plastic, offer clear visibility and durability with many of them being used 15+ years after installation. Their unique design allows easy cleaning, and use.

Industry Expertise

Partnering with thousands of retailers since 1982 to create their merchandising solutions, you learn a thing or two about the natural foods, candy, coffee, tea and food retailing industries along the way. Put our knowledge to work for you!

Research / Development

Retailers have challenges, and they choose us to solve them. Anybody can sell a product, but we sell bulk merchandising solutions. We help retailers maximize revenue, reduce overheads, and delight their customers' shopping experience.


Our team is always seeking to understand, and improve the shopping trip of customers. What matters to them? What are their needs? What challenges do they face? Then we go to work on solutions that deliver.

The Dawn of a New Retailing Day

Trade Fixtures opens in Little Rock, Arkansas



The Gravity Feed Bin is born

Trade Fixtures develops a new Gravity Feed bin and introduces it to the U.S. market.

Begins International Operations

Trade Fixtures expands into international markets including Canada, Europe and Australia.



New Products Launched

Trade Fixtures introduced the RHINO Grind, a nut butter grinder capable of grinding whole nuts, the H2Optimized, a vitamin enhanced bulk water machine, and the Maximizer bin, an airtight for freshness design of a gravity bin.

Creates a Gravity/Scoop Bin combo

Trade Fixtures launches its first Gravity Feed/Scoop Bin combination fixture. Later that same year, Trade Fixtures builds “catch trays” into bins.



Introduces the Radeus® bin

Trade Fixtures introduces its first “curved face” Radeus® bins, moving away from squared edges and glued together bins.

Trade Labels is born

Trade Labels, a personalized product labeling program, is designed and launched providing product information, and upc labels for the bins.



Injection Molded Bin is Created

Trade Fixtures develops an injection-molded bin for both Scoop and Gravity Feed to compete against bulk foods merchandising rival New Leaf Designs.

Swing Down Arm is introduced

Trade Fixtures pioneers industry’s first “swing-down” labor saving arm for quick, easy and effortless refill of bins on shelves.



Trade Fixtures Acquired

Trade Fixtures is acquired by Display Technologies, a leading point of purchase (POP) display company based out of New York.

New Leaf Designs Acquired

New Leaf Designs is acquired by Display Technologies, a leading point of purchase (POP) display company based out of New York. Later that same year, Display Technologies is sold to IMI, a publicly held engineering-based UK company.



Trade Fixtures / New Leaf Designs

Trade Fixtures and New Leaf Designs are merged into one company located in Little Rock, Arkansas with Scott Johnson being named General Manager.

Yogurt Visi-Slide®

Trade Fixtures launches Yogurt Visi-Slide®. As of June 2017, over 1,000 stores had incorporated it into their yogurt sections.



Retail Merchandising is born

Trade Fixtures takes over the sales and marketing responsibilities of the SpaceGrid, Magna-Bar and Custom POP product lines from Cannon Equipment and DCI Marketing, and introduces “retail merchandising” segment of the business.

New Logo and Website

Trade Fixtures redesigns logo featuring green leaf, and tagline Retail Merchandising. The company launched a new website and created a new brochure.



Trade Fixtures joins Berkshire Hathaway

Trade Fixtures was purchased by the Marmon Group which is owned by Berkshire Hathaway. The purchase better positions Trade Fixtures in the Beverage/Food segment with unparallelled financial support, and new product development.

TF Europe opens

Trade Fixtures sets up an office in Langenfeld, Germany, develops a brochure, and TradeFixturesEU.com to serve the European nations under the leadership of Michael Courbis, and Philippe Bernard.


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