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Why Do Bulk Foods?

There are many reasons. Here are just a few.

Customer Choice

Purchase as little, or as much as you'd like. Because there is no predetermined package size, you get to explore new items, choose how much, get it fresh, and food is not wasted.

Reduces Resources

From the farm to the table, bulk foods saves your environmental impact with the reduction of trees, oil, water, transportation and waste found in conventionally packed goods.

Healthier Foods

Natural / Organic foods have long offered numerous health benefits, nutrition and fuel for those with an active lifestyle or on the go. There are plenty of reasons to shop Bulk!

Huge Savings!

Real savings of product costs in bulk categories (coffee, candies, nuts, spices, beans, lentils, rice, fruit, etc.) can save you 35% to 55% on average because of the lack of production, packaging and transport costs.


Bulk is the Ultimate Green Packaging™!

  • Bulk merchandising saves resources (oil, trees, water, land, CO2)
  • Consumers want "environmentally friendly" shopping experiences
  • Bulk eliminates unnecessary packaging
  • Bulk gives retailers & consumers alike an opportunity to participate
  • Bulk saves money 15-35% on average because of no adv. or promotion
  • It is a WIN-WIN-WIN.  (Retailers, Customers, and Environment)

Exceed Your Customers Expectations!

  • Bulk products offer more choices than packaged goods
  • Consumers like to purchase an exact amount of product
  • Consumers are increasingly aware of environmental issues and want to eliminate wasteful packaging
  • Bulk food shopping is fun and adventurous
  • When consumers buy in bulk, they pay for the product, not the packaging or advertising
  • Consumers receive a greater value and opportunity to save money when buying in bulk

Enhance Your Store's Merchandising

  • Displayed properly, bulk foods generate excitement and encourage impulse buying
  • The flexibility of bulk fixtures allows a presentation that can match the store's look and feel
  • Bulk foods are perceived fresher and more natural
  • When attractively merchandised in clear bins, bulk foods can provide a vibrancy of colors, creating a consumer destination within the store
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